Who we are

We are Mark and Christina, a husband and wife team dedicated to making chatting online awesome.

About him

Mark is a programmer who fits most of the associated stereotypes. He likes to talk about programming, cryptography, math (!), science, robots, text editors, the universe, gaming, teleportation, music, the future, books, sci-fi and zombies. You can follow Mark on twitter here

About her

Christina is a UX designer who loves to connect with others. She likes to talk about health, food, life, relationships, happiness, fitness, web design and science. You can follow Christina on twitter here

Why we are doing this

Over the years, we have often found ourselves with lots of stuff to talk about, but not enough people to talk to.

The state of online chat

In theory, chatting is great... anonymously talking to someone about anything you want. But in practice, chatting sucks. A lot.

If you are not being propositioned by a spam bot you are probably making small talk with someone you have nothing in common with. When people only seem to be interested in your gender, having a good conversation is harder than licking your own elbow.

A better way to chat

The Internet is full of people that care about the same things you do and the potential for interesting and useful conversations is enormous.

We refuse to accept that there is no way to make good conversations happen online. We think that talkerpoint will fix what is wrong with chat sites and can't wait to have you try it.