What can I do on talkerpoint?

Talkerpoint lets you have on-topic, text-based, one-on-one conversations, right in your browser.

Conversations not only differ by topic, but also by type. We've defined and built in the following four types so that you can have exactly the conversation you're looking for.

Talk about anything that interests you

Whether you want to talk about your diet, the football game, design trends, or the newest gadgets, you're probably not alone. Chat about what is on your mind.

Vent about your problems

No matter what is upsetting you, it feels good to talk about it. Find a compassionate listener that will let you vent, or connect with someone who can relate.

Get answers to your questions

Need help with your new project? Have a question about filing taxes? Hit a plateau in your fitness goals? Talk to someone with expertise and get your questions answered in real-time.

Have a debate on something you care about

It can be stimulating and interesting to debate a topic with someone who has a different opinion. Discuss recent events, political problems, or philosophical questions, with or without an audience.

What makes talkerpoint different?

Have interesting conversations

On talkerpoint you are completely in control of what you want to talk about and even what kind of conversation you want to have. You won't have to fight your way through dozens of cybersex requests to find a good conversation.

Chat with purpose

There is no randomness on talkerpoint. The way talkerpoint is set up, once you found someone to talk to you can jump right into an interesting conversation without having to make small talk and scramble to find something to talk about.

Varying degrees of anonymity

Being anonymous can free you to talk openly about anything, but it is also nice to have an identity in the community. We have created a system that lets you be in charge of how anonymous you want to be at any given moment. So you can build your reputation and talk about your most intimate problems all with one account.

No bots and trolls (knock on wood)

We want you to have a great experience on talkerpoint, so making sure trolls and spammers won't ruin it is high on our priority list. We have safeguards in place, one of which is mandatory account creation.

Rating systems and other fun features

Having a great conversation is rewarding in and of itself, but we have created lots of little rating systems and extra features that make the site even more fun and rewarding to use.